Before rushing to a physiotherapy clinic for pelvic health, these days, most people prefer looking online for answers from the internet. At times the internet gives you the right answer, but most times, it doesn’t. That’s why you should visit a therapist who will help you find a cause for your problem physio by Proactive  


Depending on the type of pain you are going through, there is a treatment for that. For causes such as Sexually Transmitted Infections, Inflammation of the bladder, Urinary Tract Infections, Ovulation and Menstruation Cramps Over the Counter drugs are most recommended since they will help relieve the pain. 


Before the therapist decides the type of treatment plan, you should go with it. You have to explain in detail how long you’ve had the pain, when it hurts the most and how often it pains. 


The other types of treatments for pelvic pain include: 


Surgery.- a therapist may recommend surgery to remove fibroids or endometriosis that cause pelvic pain The extent of surgery is where a therapist suggests the removal of a woman’s uterus to help reduce pelvic pains on the lower abdomen.  

Changes of lifestyle – how you sit matters, what you sit on also matters, what you also eat matters. A therapist recommends that you sit in the right posture with your back straight to help reduce back pains. Placing a phone or wallet on your back pocket and sitting on it also causes back pain. One should also consider doing simple exercises to reduce pelvic pain.  

One on one talk with the therapist – this also helps a lot since it reduces stress, the doctor might incorporate it with drugs that help relieve the pain. The doctor also gives simple tips on what to do when the patient feels the pain. Talking face to face with your therapist creates a friendly environment where you are able to ask questions and get answers without any fear.  

The doctor might also suggest regular massaging; this helps in the relaxation of muscles, stretching also helps relieve pelvic pain. 


There is also another type of pelvic pain that works, especially for women, where a trained therapist uses her hands to manipulate the internal and external parts of the pelvic area that is accessed through the vagine or rectum.  


This process is so important since it does not only ease pelvic pain; it also helps reduce other causes of pelvic health-related problems.  


Pelvic pain therapy treatment plan depends on how serious the pain is. An example, there is a treatment plan that lasts up to six-hour, and there is another treatment plan that lasts for months. Pelvic pain should not be assumed; one should look for a physiotherapy clinic for pelvic health so as to get a diagnosis.